Colista Lich

Colista Lich

Breast CancerCaregiverOvarian Cancer

Rapid City, South Dakota


Colista Lich works as a jewelry designer in Rapid City, South Dakota. She has been both a care taker to her sick family as well as a cancer survivor herself. She is a 15 year breast cancer survivor who has recently overcome stage 3 ovarian cancer as well.

Power of a Positive Mindset

“I didn’t go into remission until we stopped chemo. My numbers were bad, as people will tell you the CA125 numbers were just going through the roof and we weren’t sure they had gotten enough of the cancer or that I would ever go into remission uh I had to have emergency surgery about a year ago part of my emergency surgery failed. They had to take me off chemo to let me heal from the surgery and I went directly into remission. As soon as we stop chemo. Sometimes eastern medicine works, I think it’s the power of positive thinking.”

“I know that everybody fights cancer, everybody who gets it fights. But I don’t think everybody that gets it knows they are going to win. And I’m just too damn ornery for cancer to take me out. I’m also a 15 year stage 3 breast cancer survivor.”

“I’ve already done this once, the second time was easy, and there won’t be a third time.”

“The myriad of people who put me on prayer list, who did meditation energy work that just did every single thing and knew my wholeness knew my health knew my future with me. They knew what I was intending they knew what I was dreaming of.”

Living Life to the fullest

“Part of the reason I’m getting married this Saturday is that life is too short. And if you play it safe if you question everything you don’t just take a hold of life and run with it, you will have major regrets as you go forward. If you do what your called to do what your heart is telling you to do, there won’t be one regret. Not ever.”

“I had a friend who asked me if I’ve had a good life if I’ve had a fun life. I just looked at her and go ‘Ya more than I’m ever going to tell you’.”

“I am grateful, and blessed for every single day I get, cancer free and then beyond that every day I get on this planet. And I’m grateful; I’m in utter gratitude, and stupidity. And Mischievousness. And that’s why there’s a smile on my face. That and the tall Brit.”

“Ya somebody asked me the other day how long I’ve been on this journey and I went, let’s see I’m 49, ya about 49 years. Because you never get done, let’s put it this way I would never get done learning I hope I never get done growing, I hope I never get done screwing up, and trying, and trying again. Because minus the screw ups you don’t know when you succeed.”

“This is really typical, but I can’t tell you how true it is. Don’t find a job, find something you love. When you find what you love to do and don’t tell yourself and don’t let anybody tell you what you love to do. When you find what you love to do, do it for the rest of your life. And you’ll never ever go to work. You will go to your passion. And once you do that happiness follows.”

“Now what amounts to how to find your passion, dive in, make mistakes, do stupid things, do right things, and just try to follow what’s in your heart.”