Board Members

Mofei Wang, Director

Mofei Wang


I joined Illini 4000 2016 Bike America Team in my freshman year. During the ride, I interacted with people affected by cancer, inspired by their positive attitude, and decided to serve Portraits Project. As the director of the Portraits Project, I also serve on the Illini 4000 board of directors and ensure that our project continues to grow. The powerful stories that I have heard throughout my time with this organization will stay with me forever, and I am honored to be entrusted with sharing these stories with others.

Christina Su,

Christina Su

Hi! My name is Christina. I rode this past summer and I can confidently say it was the best decision I have ever made. My first portrait was on day 4 of our ride. We were looking for a break and pulled off at an ice cream stand, and next thing I know, we were setting up a portrait! That was so special to me. As beneficiary coordinator, my job is to communicate with our organization’s beneficiaries that we donate to and also plan events with them for this year’s trip. That way, hopefully this year’s team can have their own special moments with new portraits!

Katie Mandera,

Katie Mandera

I heard about Illini 4000 during my freshman Convocation and knew I wanted to help any way I could. I joined the Portraits Project in 2016 because I think it is an important and valuable resource for those affected by cancer. I love hearing the diverse stories people tell us when they are given the chance. As a portraits board member, I hope to help our organization grow and reach more people across the nation. We have a great network of cancer survivors and caretakers online already and I would love to share that with more people. In the future, I plan to bike with the I4K team!

Stefany Veldhuizen ,

Stefany Veldhuizen

I am a member of the 2017 Bike America Team, I am a junior studying dietetics. I currently serve as the Portraits Project Special Events Coordinator where I am responsible for organizing and running events that showcase the portraits collected by the Illini 4000 team. This work includes coordinating on campus events to connect with University of Illinois students, as well reaching out to the community to connect with cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers in the Champaign-Urbana area. In addition to planning Portraits Project events, I assist the Portraits Project Committee in transcribing and editing Portraits content, putting Portraits into presentation format, and training new riders on how to collect Portraits on their upcoming cross country bike ride.