Betty Schatz

Betty Schatz

Breast Cancer

Kankakee, IL



Betty Schatz is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed over seven years ago with Stage I breast cancer.  After her diagnosis, she underwent various surgeries and radiation treatments, which was then followed by five tough years of medications.  Before discovering that she had breast cancer, Betty had regularly participated in the Relay for Life.  Now that she can call herself a breast cancer survivor, Betty has become even more involved in the fight against cancer.  Betty was able to get through and fight with her great support system at her side.

Support System

They said their prayers for me, which helped. Nobody felt like it was the end of the world.  Everybody had a really good, positive attitude to help me have a positive attitude.

Stay Positive

Keep your faith.  Be positive.  Every day is one more day.  You don’t think about five years from now, you think about what today brings.  

It’s taught me to take one day at a time and to lower my expectations. I shouldn’t expect people to treat me differently because I had cancer. It affects everybody. Even if you don’t have cancer yourself, you know people who have it or you know people whose family is going through this. You just take everything one day at a time.  You don’t think about what’s going to happen in the future.